Plumbing services

EP Construction & Plumbing Services Ltd takes years of building and construction experience and applies it to each and every renovation assignment. Supported by an exceptional unit of professionals we are able to take on any construction and building services and deliver a quality outcome on time and within budget.

At EP Construction & Plumbing Services Ltd, we have a core set of values, which mentor our strategic direction as well as our employees and their interaction with clients for a wide range of services in the form of plumbing repairs and groundwork services. Each day during a build the site manager provides a thorough report on progress made on the services.

Clients can eventually leave comments, ask questions or also upload their own photos. It is a great equipment to assure open communication during the build as well as a remarkable progress tracking equipment.


Our complete focus is always to set the standard and deliver exceptional consequences. We take the time to acknowledge your business and your needs so we deliver on our promise all the time.


From the first impact to managing the assignment and through to service completion, our work is flawless. You can completely rely on us to execute the job right the first time.


Communication is important in any relationship. Being transparent complies that you can depend on our services and recognizes that your requirements will be dealt with in a straightforward and honest manner.